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rental agreement

A Rental Agreement is an official contract between a landowner and a tenant who wants to take temporary possession of a property for a certain amount of time. It is also called rent deed or Rental Lease Agreement.  A rental agreement defines the legal relationship between tenant and landlord. It acts as an evidence in case any dispute arises, and it also sets certain obligations of each party and contains basic details of owner, tenant, the term of rental and the amount of the rent for aid term. The rental agreement also mentions the duties and responsibility of all the parties involved.  

A rental agreement must include names of the tenants and clearly mention the rental period, that is, contain the tenure of tenancy. All the dates should be specified, the date of beginning and end of the tenure must be mentioned. Some agreements also mention the common duties of all the tenants towards each other and the landlord too. The more detailed the agreement is, the reduced are the chances of any liabilities of the parties, and also having strong legal backing. It is important as it protects the rights of tenants as well as the owner. It prevents unnecessary hikes and eviction without prior notice.

Rental Agreement Sample can be looked upon before starting to write your own.

Rental agreement sample

11-month Rental Agreement

A sample 11- month rental agreement be used as a reference prior to creating yours.

11-month rental agreement

If a rental agreement is set for a year or more, it needs to be registered. To avoid this hassle and the lengthy process of registering the agreement, most people opt for an 11-month agreement, which is somewhere between registered agreement and a recognized agreement. As per the registration act, 1908 clause (d) of sub-section(1), registration of the property that is on rent for 1 year or above is compulsory. For agreements of duration above a year, there is a charge of registration according to average annual rent. To avoid spending so much money, both owner and tenant come to an agreement to make an agreement for 11 months. If they want to create a bond for above a year, they can come to terms and share the cost.

Rental Agreement Format

Rental Agreement Format

A rental agreement which is detailed and thorough is a necessity for hassle-free renting out, and this can be easily managed with the help of templates to download. With the finest rental agreements at your disposal, all you need to do s to download these, print them out, fill all the details and secure them with signatures of all the parties involved. These templates have the best layout with all the necessary sections that any rental agreement should contain.

A rental agreement should have a clear outline and structure, should be revised from time to time. Be fair while making a bond and use simple language so that it could be understood clearly.

Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial Lease Agreement

Some enterprises can employ staffs and run a business on a rented property, and once their work is done they pack up things and leave. To ensure that the company doesn’t run away with the rent money, a bond can be prepared specifically for enterprises. This allows the owner to know who the actual owner is and who is responsible for any loss of the property.

What does an enterprise rental agreement include?

  • Names of parties involved and clear description of letting property for a workplace
  • Rental duration, with start and end date.
  • The amount of license fee to be paid.
  • If the company fails to rent amount on time, then how much interest will be leveraged upon them.
  • Obligations given to the occupant.
  • Period of termination of the agreement.

House Rental Agreement Format Sample

House rental agreement format sample

A sample agreement template for Rental Agreement Format in English with a complete list of rules and clauses including the rental period, the rent amount, the security deposit, is given. This template assists both parties for getting into an agreement.

When a house, apartment or a building is being rented, house rental agreements are required. These written agreements are necessary to be made using the correct format and always expected to be maintained while renting. These kinds of agreements include the detail about the tenant, the rent amount, duration of rental and any other terms or responsibilities.

The agreement should be made prior to the day of shifting, so as to avoid any misunderstandings. Tenant is given the agreement form to enclose by signing before moving in. numerous versions of house rental agreements sample are available in formats of word and PDF.

Room Rental Agreement

Room Rental Agreement

Renting a house or a room, in both cases, a bond is equally important. Renting your property without a proper written agreement is surely inviting trouble to yourself. Rooms can be rented on monthly basis as well as for a long term. This is because single rooms are often rented by college students or working people who are living separately. In both cases, a well-described agreement is very important. It ensures the well-being of tenants as well as the property.

Rental Agreement Format Word

Rental agreement format word

As a tenant or a landowner, the best way to protect your rights and interests is to have a written agreement. A well-structured bond can provide you with the benefit of not having any legal issues or any misunderstandings between the parties involved. An agreement should clarify all the obligations of tenants and owner, so as to protect both the parties and the property too. It also ensures the safeguard of possessions of both parties in any case.

Rental Agreement Format PDF

commercial lease sample can help the property owners who want to lease their property for commercial use.

Rental agreement format PDF

A rental agreement should always be in writing irrespective of the person who is renting the property. Be it be a family friend, relative or an unknown, it is necessary to have a written bond to avoid future nuisance.

Important points to remember while drafting a rental agreement:

  • Full name and address of the tenant and the agent or the manager or the property owner.
  • Exact date and day of the start and end of the agreement.
  • Additional terms that both parties agree on.
  • Date on which the agreement needs to be signed.

To lessen the burden of a huge pile of paperwork, here are some rental agreement sample templates. These templates are accessible in PDF format. You can easily download it and tailor it according to your need.

11- Month Rental Agreement Format Sample

11- month Rental agreement format sample

A rental agreement form varies from country to country. So, individuals looking for forms are advised to be quite sure about what type of forms they hold onto. They should contact a legal advisor and be sure about the inclusions in the contract, and also the legal privileges that you are permitted with. The format of an agreement can be referred and made required adjustments.

Rent Agreement Format For a Shop

adjustments. Rent Agreement Format For a Shop

Shop owners should create a bond for every person they are renting their shops to. This ensures that no illegal possession could take place which is against the interest of the owner. And if the owner adds the rules of running the shop in the agreement itself, it will safeguard the reputation and security of the shop.


A tenant must always have a word with the owner prior to moving about the case if he had to vacate the space before the term ends. Normally one has to give a written notice of three months before vacating the property. But, in a case where he has to move out suddenly, property provider could ask for a compensation to mitigate and asks or the complete payment till the last date according to the agreement.

A Simple Rental Agreement Form

A sample of a simple agreement can help property owners to draft their own agreements based on their requirements and interests.

A Simple Rental Agreement Form

A written bond helps the tenant and owner of have written words interacted with each other without the interference of a third party.the agreement also states the after effects if the rules were broken. It is important as it has all the elements that can safeguard the rights of both parties. A simple agreement can be downloaded and customized as per the requirement.

Short Term Rental Agreement

Short Term Rental Agreement

There are many occasions where people have to book halls, apartments or buildings for a short period of time; like parties, weddings, photoshoots etc. Sometimes these can be really expensive deals, the short-term rental agreements serve the purpose really well. Tenants can renew the agreements within thirty days if required.  

Check out the formats available in word and pdf format, download them and use them as per requirement. Cover all the aspects of all the parties involved and mention the dates and rental pay clearly.

One Page Rental Agreement

You can easily see the rental agreement on one page from this sample. It reduces the amount of paperwork and hassle that comes with it.

One Page Rental Agreement

With the hike in property prices, more and more people have started to put their properties on rent. And to lessen the amount of paperwork, you can use the one-page rental agreement which includes all the relevant sections like rental duration, rental pay, and details of the parties involved. These rental agreements can be used for short-term bonds, as it requires fewer rules and should be easy to create.

These templates are perfectly structured and contain all the specifications that are important and necessary.